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May 24, 2024 | ImpactAlpha

TGIF, Agents of Impact!  🗣 Epic opportunity. Bottom-up is being turned upside-down. The base of the pyramid is becoming the point of the

Today’s brief

The Week’s Podcast

🎧 This Week in Impact. Host Brian Walsh takes up ImpactAlpha’s top stories with editor David Bank. Up this week: a new crop of impact products aim to shift portfolio allocations in bonds, private credit and cash; the billions of "entrepreneurial households in industrious communities" and trillions in investment opportunities; and worker empowerment and ownership as a value-creation strategy.

The Week’s Call

Laying bets on entrepreneurial households in industrious communities. Among the misperceptions that have kept capital from flowing to broad sectors of emerging markets:  Risks are too high. Customers are too poor. Businesses are too small. There aren’t enough investable deals. Underwriting is too expensive. Such myths are being busted with the availability of more robust market, business and customer information, Martina Castro of British International Investment said on this week’s Agents of Impact Call. “There are a wealth of well-established, mature companies out there that require larger ticket sizes and that are having equally important impact for their populations.” 

The Week’s Deal Spotlight

Battery recyclers are raising and ramping for retired EVs. A global scramble is on to secure critical minerals like lithium, cobalt, graphite and nickel that EV batteries rely on. For countries not endowed with such reserves, recycling is part of a more secure and sustainable supply chain. EV batteries won’t be ready to recycle en masse until the mid-2030s when the first wave of EVs are retired. Today, most recyclers are processing readily available industrial scrap (as well as some recalled Chevy Bolt batteries). But the expected influx of batteries, together with US incentives that favor locally-sourced materials, have prodded US companies to play catch-up with China, which dominates EV supply chains. “Building out that robust supply chain and making sure that we're being strategic ahead of time about where we invest is going to be critical,” Straubel of Redwood Materials told Jigar Shah at the DOE’s Deploy conference last fall.

The Week’s Talent and Jobs

💼 See and share more than a dozen new impact jobs posted this week on ImpactAlpha’s Career Hub and view hundreds of more jobs in impact investing and sustainable finance. Have a job listing to post? Submit it here.

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