Women Rising

lens-640x480Gender Lenses are an opportunity to see systems, sectors, companies and products through their inclusiveness of identities and opportunities. There is no single gender lens: a gender lens can illuminate questions of equity; a gender lens can provide signals for performance; a gender lens can help discover pools of untapped talent.

Gender lenses are powerful tools for impact investing. ImpactAlpha will explore the gender lens conversation in all its nuance, with many partners. An invaluable resource is the recent “State of the Field of Gender Lens Investing (pdf),” from Criterion Institute, by Joy Anderson and Katherine Miles.

Many of the commentaries below engage elements of the study. Please send your own thoughts to info@impactalpha.com.


The growth market in women’s equality

The more than $560 million invested with a “gender lens” in public equities and debt, up five-fold since 2014, seems like a lot of money until you measure it against the opportunity: $28 trillion. That’s the potential addition to global GDP by...

Give me your tired, your poor, your…women

Women make up just under half of global emigrants, but may have a larger social and economic impact than men. Women remit more of their income home, and model improved gender dynamics in their home countries. Overcoming higher barriers to emigration...


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