Impact Investing | October 17, 2023

Dancing with the ones who brought us: A special note for Agents of Impact

David Bank

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ImpactAlpha Editor

David Bank

ImpactAlpha, October 17 — When we launched ImpactAlpha back in 2014, we set out to cover impact investing like a serious beat in the expectation that it would become one.

It has.

When we started charging for our popular daily Brief in 2018, we worried whether we could cross the chasm to build a growing business based on recurring subscription revenues. 

We did.

Now we are setting out to enhance ImpactAlpha’s editorial leadership with specialty data products and services to make impact investing easier and more accessible for investors, advisors and entrepreneurs.

We will.

After reporting on thousands of impact investments, we today announced a Dealflow item of our own: A terrific group of mission-aligned investors have staked ImpactAlpha to $3.3 million in equity capital to finance our next stage of growth.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming the wider world of business to impact investing and sustainable finance (including by pointing your friends and colleagues to our attractive introductory offer). But we also hope you’ll take some pride and satisfaction in being early adopters and original Agents of Impact. We’ve certainly been proud of you as your business models, investment strategies, financial products and management practices have come to define the future of business and finance.

As we see you out and about at the receptions ImpactAlpha has hosted this fall around the world, we’ve been humbled and gratified by the appreciation and affection with which Agents of Impact seem to greet their daily Brief. 

You’ve been there for us and we’ve tried to be there for you. We have relied on your guidance and contributions and engagement as we have built ImpactAlpha into the leading purpose-built media platform for the diverse set of practitioners who are discovering how powerful a tool finance can be for building a better world.

We are gratified to have the confidence of investors like the Ford Foundation, Sorenson Impact Foundation, Common Future and media executive Aaron Kissel as we enhance our own tools to help you amplify your impact.

You may have already seen some of the early fruits of this effort, such as The Liist, our searchable new database of impact funds and managers currently in the market raising capital. And our new Career Hub, with searchable listings of impact job opportunities and a helpful guide to impact investing careers.

Coming soon, we’ll have upgrades to our ImpactSpace database of funds, ventures, deals and people. And an expanded Climate Finance Tracker to identify climate funding gaps and opportunities to fill them. And a directory of fund- and firm-level impact reports, to help you drill down on portfolio holdings, performance indicators and strategic insights. And AI for IA, to unlock the collective intelligence of Agents of Impact.

A redesigned, to make our deep archive of posts, podcasts and profiles more accessible and, yes, our sign-in process more user-friendly. As always, drop us a line about what you’d like to see. 

With our valued partners, we’ll deepen our dives into impact themes like Ownership Economy, Catalytic Capital, Climate Finance and Muni Impact. We’ll enhance our coverage of crucial public policy, which we collect at Policy Corner. We’re honored to be working with Heading for Change, the legacy project of Suzanne Biegel, to highlight opportunities at the intersection of climate and gender.

So keep it coming, Agents of Impact. Together, we have built a shared identity around integrity, inclusion, ambition and, I daresay, optimism. That shared identity will be even more important as we find and finance solutions to the daunting challenges that have been placed before all of us. It’s go time for Agents of Impact – and for ImpactAlpha right there with you.