In New Delhi, the GSG recognizes leaders and launches funds

The annual Who’s Who of impact investing, hosted by Sir Ronald Cohen’s Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group, is convening for the fourth year. The GSG’s annual awards recognized individuals and organizations “radically reshaping how measurable impact on people and the planet is reflected in financial decision-making.” The U.S.-based family office Blue Haven Initiative was

A growing market for definitions of the impact investor

  • Impact investing principles are on their way. The challenge for the principle-makers will be to keep them broad enough to encourage wide participation, but “targeted enough to ensure that impact investors are actually demonstrating real, tangible, positive impact that justifies the use of the term," says Tim McGready, the chief investment officer of Christian Super.

Vatican shines a spotlight on impact investing in refugees and the poor

Rome, July 9 — They caught my eye as soon as I entered the hall for the Third Vatican Conference on Impact Investing, sitting in the third row and wearing light blue habits. At your typical financial conference, you don’t find nuns and bishops among the fund managers, investors and analysts. The sisters from the