Tapping the municipal bond market for distributed green infrastructure

Boring is exciting in the $3.8 trillion municipal bond market. Last month’s $61.4 million oversubscribed issue from the Industrial Development Authority of Pinal County, Arizona looked like a typical tax-exempt muni. But the bond, which is refinancing a biodigester that turns dairy cow manure and other waste into natural gas, is one of the capital

Tools for optimizing impact help investors identify risks and opportunities

  • Targeting, measuring and managing social impact can illuminate other investment factors as well.
  • Some new tools generated by the cottage industry of global agencies and associations can help investors use impact analysis to manage risk, generate dealflow and spot opportunities.

Sustainable Ocean Fund’s first investment is in Kampachi Co.’s sustainable tuna farm

ImpactAlpha, November 20 – Baja California, Mexico-based Kampachi Company won the second Fish 2.0 competition three years ago for its plans to sustainably farm sushi-grade kampachi tuna and sell it as an alternative to overfished bluefin tuna. Now, it’s raised an undisclosed amount of equity from Althelia Ecosphere’s Sustainable Ocean Fund. Rich Menu of Seafood