IFC and Amundi raise $1.4 billion to buy emerging markets green bonds

  • Mexico and India... are among the top 10 green bond issuers, but activity in other emerging markets is low.
  • The fund...now called Amundi Planet–Emerging Green One fund, has raised $1.4 billion from 16 institutional investors, including pension funds and insurance companies...

Can businesses profitably serve the poorest of the poor?

Can businesses profitably serve the poorest of the poor? A new study, “Reaching Deep in Low-income Markets,” suggests yes. The study dug into the experience of 20 enterprises delivering basic services such as power, sanitation, health care, housing and education to customers at the bottom of the economic pyramid (those living on less than $2.50 a

CARE launches $30 million impact fund

CARE Enterprises is the investment arm of CARE, a women and girls-focused humanitarian organization. CARE announced the fund at the World Economic Forum. The organization also announced a collaboration with WEF’s Fourth Sector Development Initiative, a newly formed multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together capital from public, private and philanthropic institutions committed to growing the fourth sector.

Abraaj Group taps Kito de Boer to lead impact investing

The Abraaj Group has named Kito de Boer as a managing partner and head of impact investing. de Boer is a 30-year veteran of McKinsey who helped found the consulting firm’s India and Middle East practices; more recently he was head of the firm’s public and social sector practice for Europe, the Middle East and

Abraaj fuels growth markets with credit

Foreign banks that have retrenched since the financial crisis are still averse to risk in the growth markets of Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Local banks focus on short-term working capital. That has created a “large dislocation and a funding gap,” for growth-stage companies in such markets, according to Christopher Wilder, a managing director

Next generation of Brazil’s wealthy families are moving toward impact investing

Between 2003 and 2014 more than 29 million Brazilians rose out of poverty and are now seeking “to purchase higher quality education and healthcare, sustainable consumer goods, and ethically-sourced food,” according to a new report on the Brazilan impact investing opportunity from the ImPact, which launched its Brazilian chapter this week. Brazilian funds or investors have