Beats | April 29, 2017

What did Ikea do? And other questions from The Brief Quiz #12

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This week felt a lot like last week. Or did it? Escape the time-warp, take the Brief Quiz.

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  1. Complete the sentence: OPIC ____ the federal deficit ____ nearly $4 billion in the past decade.

a. Has increased — by
b. Has decreased — by
c. Has decreased — to
d. ‘s deficit has exceeded — by

2. What percentage of investors made their first impact investment in the past decade?

a. 20% — those that do the work of the other 80%
b. 60% — sounds about right
c. 50% — hmm, that also sounds about right
d. 1% — because that’s who society is blaming for all its ills

3. What’s on

a. Profiles for more than 150 Canadian impact investing products
b. Profiles for less than 150 Canadian impact investing products (that makes no sense)
c. Reruns of Seinfeld?
d. Pictures of Justin Trudeau?

4. What are renewable energy investments facing?

a. The sun, in the case of solar
b. Yet another backlash by investors
c. Human rights scrutiny
d. The music and dance

5. Tamil Nadu revealed what?

a. Plans for a $77.4 million fund to support local startups
b. Plans for a $288 million fund to support local water desalinization infrastructure
c. Plans for a new biofuel powered high-speed train between Chennai and Madurai
d. Plans for India’s largest five star Eco-Resort in Mahabalipuram

6. What’s so special about a new EUR1.1 billion dollar loan to Dutch corporate giant Philips?

a. Coupon will shave off 100 basis points of the company’s profits for the next three years. (Shave, Philips, never mind…)
b. The loan’s interest rate will rise or fall based on fluctuations in the company’s ESG rating
c. It’s falls under a new concept of Flash Debt, to be reimbursed within 7 nanoseconds
d. It’s a Circular Bond, marking the company’s entrance into the circular economy

7. With fish consumption on the rise, what will it take to achieve a sustainable seafood industry this century?

a. 200–300 million tons additional aquaculture feed — yuuuge business opportunity
b. More vegans!
c. Fewer pescatarians!
d. A global demographic crash

8. Who bought the UK’s Green Investment Bank?

a. Macquarie, joined by the Universities Superannuation Scheme
b. Mitt Romney (so he could sing “who bought the green bank, who, who, who, who”)
c. Dude that’s like a joke from 2008!
d. Yah, weren’t those the good days….

9. What did Matt Damon do?

a. Invest in North Korea’s first microfinance institution
b. Nothing directly, but his secured $5 million for a third impact fund
c. Disappear for a while and come back as the Impact Asset
d. Drive Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner apart

10. What did Ikea do?

a. Purchase a quarter of Borneo’s forested land to secure a perennial and sustainable supply of exotic wood
b. Help refugees integrate its supply chain
c. Set up green roofs and windmills over each of its 392 stores worldwide
d. Stop selling all the stupid small junk that looks cheap at the store but really only clutters my house

I hope you scored well. I really do. See below, and see you next week.

1b, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5a, 6b, 7a, 8a, 9b, 10b