“Shaq attack” on the gig economy: Steady raises $9 million

ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, August 7 – Within a week of launch, Atlanta-based Steady had 100,000 users sign up for its platform. The startup caters to American workers who are looking for gig-work, whether because they can’t find full-time work, or because their full-time work pay isn’t enough.

“Due to wage stagnation, underemployment and continuously rising costs of living, too many Americans simply aren’t earning enough to live healthy financial lives, or are earning in ways that don’t map to traditional salaried careers,” said Steady’s Adam Roseman. “[This workforce] ends up underserved and left out of the traditional consumer finance ecosystem.”

Steady has raised $9 million from Propel Venture Partners, Omidyar Network, ex-NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and others to connect gig workers to shift work or contractual jobs; help them manage jobs they take on; network and connect with others doing similar work; and access benefits like prescription discounts and medical insurance. The company is also planning to add on financial products and planning advice.

In addition to investing in Steady, O’Neal will serve as a company advisor and advocate.