Beats | March 31, 2020

New tools to help investors assess and share impact

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Mar. 30 – New tools are helping investors manage the impact of their investments.

The Positive Impact Initiative of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative released the Corporate Impact Analysis Tool to help banks and investors understand the impact performance and potential impact of their clients and investee companies. The initiative also released the Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks to guide banks through an analysis of their portfolios.

Investor network Toniic (in partnership with  IMP+ACT Alliance, a sister initiative to the Impact Management Project, launched Tracer, a platform to help to share and compare impact investment goal, performance and outcome information (Note: Tracer is available exclusively to Toniic members).

Last fall, we rounded up “New tools for the diligent impact investor.”