Entrepreneurship | September 30, 2017

‘Impact apologetics’ to the back

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Those that say impact investing isn’t financially viable are running out of excuses, says Tim Freundlich of ImpactAssets.

The nonprofit financial services firm, along with Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund and community and investor network Toniic, convened clients, partners and members at the Impact Hub in San Francisco to share examples of how impact investments are being made and measured.

Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea and an investor in and board chair of alternative meat-maker Beyond Meat, said the Beyond Meat’s partnership with TGI Fridays shows mainstream appetite for high-impact products. “We’re selling plant-based meat at the meat counter!” Goldman declared.

Tammy Newmark of EcoEnterprises Fund said its third successively bigger fund for companies creating sustainable livelihoods for local communities shows that investors are satisfied.

John Beckham, chief investment officer at MicroVest, said his firm is adding debt and fixed-income vehicles to meet the financing demands of businesses in maturing emerging markets.

Freundlich said there’s no longer time for ‘impact apologetics.’