How the Craftory is deploying ‘cause capital’ to back impact-driven challengers to consumer brands

  • The Craftory aims to amplify “challenger brands” that embody one or more of five “righteous causes” – delivering good health, democratizing access, progressing society, prospering sustainability and championing self-esteem.

What does Paul Polman’s legacy mean for socially and environmentally responsible companies?

  • A year before Paul Polman, the 62-year-old chief executive of consumer packaged goods giant Unilever announced his retirement last week, he fought an epic battle for the future of the company – and perhaps of capitalism.

Too Important to Fail: Overcoming barriers to institutional impact investing

It is almost easier to list the private equity managers who are not getting into impact than it is to list those who are. After raising $2 billion for its first-ever impact fund, private equity manager TPG Growth is looking to raise a second Rise Fund, this time at $3 billion. We have come a