Talking and walking the impact investment beat

  • ImpactAlpha Editor David Bank's standard response... to the question of why he started ImpactAlpha and assigned himself to impact investing was...
  • Let’s cover... impact investing like a real beat, on the hunch that it will eventually become one.
  • The beat is here... In 'The Impact Alpha," his new column, Bank tells readers the challenge for the new ImpactAlpha is staying ahead on it.

NewsGuard launches with $6 million in backing to fight fake news

Steven Brill, founder of The American Lawyer and Court TV, and Gordon Crovitz, former Wall Street Journal publisher, are launching a platform to review and rate 7,500 websites featuring news and articles in the US. “We will tell readers the Denver Post is a real newspaper and that the Denver Guardian exists only as a purveyor

Omidyar Network backs Indian self-publishing platform Pratilipi

Ninety percent of India’s 1.2 billion people read, write and speak only their native language, but the overwhelming majority of online content available to them is in English. Pratilipi allows users to self-publish books, essays and stories in eight Indian languages. More than 150,000 items have been published on the site by 22,000 users. “We started