Creative Economy | November 16, 2017

Forbes joins the impact investing parade with boldface-name reception

The team at


Sorry, it’s invite-only.

The magazine’s event arm this week is gathering “the world’s most influential people — entrepreneurs, celebrities, family offices, athletes, investors, musicians, next-gen leaders and creators — to scale impact investing and influence culture.”

Forbes will host an impact investing “summit”in June in New York. Forbes is the latest mainstream business publication (see also: The Economist) to stand up an impact investing event by declaring that impact investing is indeed mainstream.

The Forbes community’s advisors include Cornerstone Capital’s Erika Karp, the Case Foundation’s Jean Case, DBL Partner’s Nancy Pfund, the ImPact’s Abigail Noble and Brava Investments’ Nathalie Molina Niño. Actress Mary-Louise Parker, and artist and entrepreneur ASAP Ferg will speak.

Forbes Impact will launch as part of Forbes’ event business, ForbesLive, rather than the Forbes publication. That follows the model of The Economist, which has stood up U.S. and London events, but not yet sustained, beat coverage.

Fast Company launched its Ethonomics newsletter in September, promising “a guide to the future of impact finance.”

Investopedia now has a dedicated impact section.

Bloomberg’s weekly Sustainable Finance brief recently redesigned its website.

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