Gray Matters Capital launches accelerator for Indian edtech startups

  • Success looks like… Selected companies should target a user base of 1 million with at least 50% women, and offer an affordable product.
  • Supporting growth… Participating companies will each get up to $35,000 to support mentorship in user engagement and mobile product strategy.

Opportunity Finance Network backs five community development finance institutions

Philadelphia-based Opportunity Finance Network awarded $5 million to five community development financial institutions for experiments with new financial products and models in underserved communities. The winners include: Reinvestment Fund, which will commit the $500,000 award to its pay-for-success fund; Minneapolis-based Metropolitan Economic Development Association, which will develop a “patient equity” product for early stage minority

Smarter Sorting raises $5 million to repurpose chemical waste

The Austin-based startup partners with municipalities to scan waste for hazardous household chemicals, like bleach and solvents, and then finds buyers to use the chemicals for other uses. Smarter Sorting’s partners, like Austin, Tex., would otherwise pay to have the chemicals incinerated. Smarter Sorting, which operates as Waste Repurposing International, raised $5 million toward an $8

Philadelphia Eagles: Angry birds? Nah, hungry birds

An underdog Super Bowl victory provides an all-too-easy opportunity for metaphors and deep thoughts. C’mon, it’s only been 24 hours –indulge me. Last night, I joined other happy Philadelphians in the streets to celebrate the Eagles first Super Bowl victory. Philly sports fanatics are having a hard time kicking their rowdy reputation, and last night didn’t

Margaret Bradley: Turning Philadelphia institutions into impact investors

New Revivalists is a series from ImpactAlpha and Village Capital profiling the people, places and policies reviving entrepreneurship — and the American Dream. New Revivalist: Margaret Bradley is director of investment partnership, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a state-backed economic development investor that manages ImpactPHL VenturesPlace: PhiladelphiaMission: ImpactPHL Ventures raised $15 million from seven universities, health insurers, pension funds

The New Revivalists, backing women-run businesses, SoftBank invests in a B Corp

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: Introducing The New Revivalists The people, places and policies reviving entrepreneurship — and America.A great entrepreneurial awakening is rolling across America. It may not show up yet in the statistics, which put the rate of new business starts at a 40-year low. But the entrepreneurial revival is clearly visible in cities and rural