Chinese investor and Goodwell Investments back MFS Africa to speed business transactions

Rockefeller and UBS Optimus test pay-for-success model for water purification

  • Social success note... UBS Optimus will loan $500,000 to Impact Water using a structure that reduces interest payments if Impact Water hits impact goals.
  • Bonus offer... Rockefeller, meanwhile, is offering an additional $200,000 to cover Impact Water’s loan interest and boost UBS’s returns if those targets are met.

Wefarm secures $5 million for small farmer peer-to-peer network

The UK-based company has built an SMS-based network for farmers to discuss problems and share advice. It hopes that will help small farmers find solutions to problems such as how to fight a crop disease or learn best practices for growing a particular crop. It has 660,000 users in Kenya and Uganda. Small farmers are responsible for