Elevar Equity: Growing demand, growing companies and growing opportunities for impact at scale

  • In Episode Six, Elevar's Sandeep Farias offers a tour of the “Elevar Method,” the investment firm’s methodical approach to achieving impact and financial returns by backing companies catering to low-income customers.

Ford Foundation: Spotting mispriced risks in affordable housing, quality jobs and diverse managers (podcast)

  • “We’re trying to prove that it is possible to generate both financial returns that would be appropriate for endowments….and social returns,” says Roy Swan, who lead’s Ford’s mission-related investing effort, in the latest episode of the series.

Lok Capital: Blending commercial capital and smart subsidies for transformative impact (podcast)

  • In Episode Four, Vishal Mehta of Lok Capital recalls how the Delhi-based impact investor blended venture capital and grant funding to build markets for financial services, health care and education for low-income Indians.

Prudential Financial: An 80/20 rule helps an institutional investor manage its risks, returns and impact (podcast)

  • In Episode Three, Prudential's Ommeed Sathe discusses how the insurance giant is incorporating impact strategies within the norms and constraints faced by institutional investors.

Goldman Sachs: Big investors press asset managers to integrate ‘ESG’ and impact across portfolios (podcast)

  • In the second episode of the “Beyond Trade-offs” podcast series, Goldman Sachs’ John Goldstein charts the development of “risk-return-impact” frameworks that meet the needs of institutional investors.

Beyond Trade-offs: How leading commercial and catalytic investors are managing for impact, risks and returns (podcast)

  • In The Land Beyond Trade-offs... investors know their own objectives for social and environmental impact, and craft investment strategies and portfolios that fit their unique appetites for risks and returns.