How investors can drive the shift from shareholder primacy to stakeholder capitalism

  • Sure, automation and the gig economy can undermine quality jobs with good wages, reliable benefits, advance opportunities and paths to ownership. Likely more culpable: Short-term investment strategies that pressure companies into squeezing workers and disgorging cash.

Five ways to boost the flow of donor-advised fund capital to impact investments

There is growing interest in better connecting donor-advised funds (DAFs) with deep, impact investing opportunities. While we have some promising examples, few are talking about the changes that could really build this market. More shared data, more donor awareness, and practical tweaks to way DAFs engage with their donors could all boost the flow of

Capitalism 2.0 will put impact at the center of public and private market decisions

  • If Capitalism 2.0 is to be more humane, conscientious and inclusive than its previous iteration, social impact must shift from a fringe consideration to the center of business, government and investment decisions. 

‘Next-gen leaders have arrived’ and four other insights into the future of community investing

Thriving communities in the U.S. depend on investments in housing, healthcare, education, small business, and other basic services – and that people and places now being left out share in such newly created value. Next Street is proud to present Next Up: CDFI Leaders Thinking Ahead and Acting Now, an interview series where we talk