Impact(ed) | June 4, 2024

Impact(ed): Ellen Chiu on the investment advisory industry

Isaac Silk

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ImpactAlpha Editor

Isaac Silk

The investment advisory industry manages trillions and trillions of dollars, for individuals and institutions, to support their financial objectives. Increasingly, thanks to the rise of sustainable finance, impact investing and the great generational wealth transfer, more and more clients are adding social impact goals alongside their financial ones.

  • Reciprocity and trust result in the most impactful client-advisor relationships. Ellen and Eric talk about the typical dynamic between a client (in this case, a foundation) and an investment advisory firm. As impact becomes a higher priority for clients, firms like Westfuller uncover and understand not just their client’s financial goals, but what matters to them from a values perspective, so that they can integrate into their Investment Policy Statement and approach to portfolio construction and management in a mission-aligned way.
  • Increasing client demand for impact means more career opportunities within impact-driven investment advisory. As interest in impact investing continues to rise, so too does the desire to see documented impact. Many actors across the field are working on measurement, but Ellen’s excited about current work she’s leading at Westfuller to dig even deeper, beyond the asset manager level, and into portfolio holdings and their impacts.

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