Present at the Creation: Amit Bouri looking ahead as `impact investing’ turns 10 (podcast)

Among the big new things introduced in the year 2007 were the iPhone and Airbnb. Amit Bouri, CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network, is hoping that in time the year will also mark the beginning of a movement that will transform global finance: impact investing. Under different names, of course, the practice is

Sustainable Housing: What’s the Impact When Private Equity Moves In? (podcast)

Private equity funds moved aggressively into housing in the aftermath of the mortgage crisis. Now, some investors are seeking to make sure their impact is positive. This week, the Returns on Investment podcast roundtable lays out the impact opportunity in rental housing and home ownership as private equity firms have emerged as as the largest

Putting a Price on Carbon: Climate Action in the Age of Trump (podcast)

Zero: the number of questions about global warming and climate change asked of presidential candidates during the 2016 campaign debates. Yet, as such august analysts as the writers of Saturday Night Live understand, the future of fossil fuels has emerged as the incoming Trump administration’s biggest preoccupation, and likely a major driver of Russia’s intervention

Is Impact Investing Ready for the Trump Era? (Podcast)

Boy, were we wrong. First, we devoted a whole Returns on Investment podcast to the future of impact investing under President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then, we did a follow-up that still held out hope that President-elect Trump might soften his hardline position against urgent action on climate change. The latest podcast was recorded before Trump

After the Election: Can the ‘Impact Economy’ Power Clintonomics? (Podcast)

There’s still a nail-biting week remaining in the presidential election campaign, so it’s possible the Returns on Investment podcast jumped the gun. Nonetheless, in this week’s episode our regular guests look ahead to the potential for impact investing in a possible Clinton administration. “There are going to be huge challenges that she’s going to face

The Road to Financing for Climate Action Leads to Marrakech (Podcast)

Last year’s Paris climate accord has reached the threshold for approval and will go into effect Nov. 4. Now comes the challenge of financing the massive effort required to hold “the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels,” as called for in the accord. “Government action, while essential, isn’t