Agents of Impact | November 13, 2020

Bold leaders. Taking action. Driving impact.

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Nov. 13 – Bold leaders. Taking action. Driving impact. That’s the tagline on the snappy Agents of Impact section on the new homepage (scroll down!).

Week in and week out ImpactAlpha’s editorial team scans funds and enterprises, trading desks and think tanks, social movements and C-suites, pop culture and seasoned practitioners to spot agents who are driving positive social and environmental impact and that other agents should know.

We celebrate activists like Aisha Yesufu and Archana Soreng for calling attention to systemic racism and climate risks. Investors like Kesha Cash and Sarah Kearney, who are early to spot ‘impact alpha’ market opportunities. Entrepreneurs like Andrew Youn, Helen Adeosun and Dawn Sherman, for building them. Big thinkers like Anne Price and Delilah Rothenberg, who aren’t just breaking news, but new ideas.

We love Agents of Impact who mobilize capital and commitments, including Aaron Mitchell and Shannon Alwyn, Tynesia Boyea-Robinson and Aurora James. Sometimes, it’s whole groups of people who are driving impact. Like the Agents of Impact toppling systemic racism in finance and in the streets, frontline healthcare and other essential workers, voters – and you, yes, all of you.