ImpactAlpha Open | January 3, 2023

ImpactAlpha Open: 2023 lookaheads and January’s Liist

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

Happy New Year, Agent of Impact!

Welcome to this week’s (abbreviated edition) of ImpactAlpha Open. We’ll be back next week with a full slate of stories, people moves, job openings and other opportunities to connect with peers and amplify your impact.

In case you missed them, take a spin through our lookaheads to 2023 on climate financeemerging marketsinclusive economy and ESG and impact. We’ve made these subscriber-only reports open to all.

And below: Don’t miss January’s Liist of open impact funds. – Dennis Price

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The Liist: January

💲 Seven impact funds that are raising capital now (January 2023)

The holiday season didn’t slow impact fund managers. This month’s Liist, in partnership with Realize Impact, features seven funds in full fundraising mode.

  • WIC Capital;
  • Blackhorn Ventures Industrial Impact Fund II;
  • TAS Impact Development LP4;
  • Upstart Co-Lab’s Inclusive Creative Economy Strategy;
  • Menterra Social Impact Fund II;
  • TEAMFund; and
  • Climate Asset Management’s Natural Capital Strategy and Nature Based Carbon Strategy.

For more details, keep reading, “The Liist: Seven impact funds that are raising capital now,” edited by Jessica Pothering on ImpactAlpha. Earlier editions of The Liist feature dozens more funds. Know of an impact fund manager currently raising capital? Drop us an email or submit this form.

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