Beats | May 20, 2017

What’s your number this week? Brief Quiz №15

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This week a Special Counsel was named, so make sure to get your facts straight before taking the Brief Quiz No 15.

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1. What number is taking center stage to describe the impact investing market?

a. $114 billion––the assets reported in the latest GIIN survey
b. 536 — the number of days to the mid-terms in the US
c. 80 — the age of Pope Francis
d. 0 — until impact proves its effectiveness at scale

2. What’s the most efficient technology to take carbon out of the atmosphere?

a. A revolutionary diet control tool for cows
b. Not putting it there in the first place
c. A tree
d. Inhaling really hard

3. Who are the ‘sleeping giants’ of sustainable finance?

a. Russian oligarchs
b. Hollywood oligarchs
c. Trade finance banks
d. Corporate pension funds

4. Who’s got room for improvement in their commitment to the Global Goals?

a. Russian oligarchs
b. Hollywood B-list comedians
c. Pretty much everyone
d. Corporations (think there’s a theme emerging today?)

5. Which city is mapping its future to the Global Goals?

a. Paris — as part of its 2024 Olympic bid
b. Cauayan City in the Philippines
c. This is getting boring — are we done with the SDGs yet?
d. Oh we will, oh we will, just give us another 13 years or so

6. What did Blackrock do this week?

a. Tip the vote on a climate change resolution at Occidental Petroleum
b. Launch a Print Zero CSR program — no more printers from 2020 on!
c. Launch an academic competition on the theme of price discovery in the age of Smart Beta
d. Launch GreenPellets — a sustainable investment subsidiary

7. What did JP Morgan do this week?

a. Back out of Trump’s first international trip
b. Add $50 million to finance the revitalization of Detroit
c. Re-brand as America’s Number One Community Bank
d. Agree to split Chairman and CEO roles

8. What’s the future of emerging markets private equity?

a. Bright — with tons of leverage
b. Uncertain in a conflict-ridden world
c. Next year’s IFC/EMPEA conference
d. Impact Investing

9. 80 percent of a new Chinese $2.6 billion Chinese environmental venture fund will go to what?

a. Financing the international expansion of proven solar technologies
b. Space research
c. Fiscal havens
d. Seed-stage ventures

On that piece of good news, see you next week.

Answers: 1a, 2c, 3d, 4d, 5b, 6a, 7b, 8d, 9d