Climate Finance | May 26, 2017

What did we get down with this week? And other bits of knowledge in this week’s Brief Quiz (№16)

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2. What did Saudi Arabia pledge?

a. $30 -$50 billion to renewable energy projects by 2023
b. $20 billion to US infrastructure
c. The first $100 million for a World Bank facility for women entrepreneurs
d. All of the above––leaving me feeling left out

3. Who has more renewable energy jobs that the US?

a. China
b. Brazil
c. The EU
d. All of the above — leaving me with fewer career options

4. What’s offering hope for rebuilding Syria?

a. World leaders newfound chumminess in the wake of special counsel investigations
b. Microloans
c. Macron’s election
d. Whatever it is, it’s going to take a lot of it

5. What did the Michigan Good Food Fund do?

a. Make organic agriculture the norm in the Upper Peninsula
b. Deploy $10.5 million to food startups in the state
c. Beat Ohio at a fancy hotdog contest
d. Relocate to New York in a moment of despair

6. What’s helping the Indian affordable housing market take off?

a. The collapse of cement prices, coupled with increased water infrastructure
b. Someone’s finally building affordable homes — duh
c. The laws of gravity
d. A national plan to ensure all Indians have access to an affordable place to live by 2022

7. What’s the UK’s approach to the SDGs?

a. Doughnut shaped — something for others but not for domestic consumption
b. Stroopwafel shaped — inspired by Dutch leadership
c. Article 50 shaped — the approach is currently on hold
d. It’s whatever Rupert says it will be

8. What’s wrong with impact investments in East Africa?

a. The region’s deals are overhyped and overpriced
b. There is no investor demand, and there are no deals
c. The search for financial returns is detracting from impact
d. Nothing. Everything’s going great.

9. What are purpose businesses here for, anyways?

a. To stay
b. To make us feel good about ourselves
c. To make us believe in the redemption of capitalism
d. To win

10. Which five skills will you need for the work place in 2030

a. Knowing how to build relationships, curiosity, agility, creativity, empathy
b. Submissiveness, compliance, docility, agreeability and OH FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE JUST DO WHAT THE ROBOT SAYS!
c. Math, life sciences, coding, robotics, and understanding emoticons
d. Because if you’re like me with emoticons, you’re probably not entirely sure what people are texting you most of the time

…  …that’s it for this week. At the risk of repeating myself, stay strong and keep fighting the good fights!

Answers: 1c, 2d, 3d, 4b, 5b, 6d, 7a, 8c, 9d, 10a