Emerging and Growth Markets | August 17, 2022

Village Capital and Moody’s accelerate 45 startups shaping the future of work in Africa

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, August 17 – Village Capital and Moody’s second Future of Work Africa accelerator is supporting 45 startups boosting education and employment prospects for young people across the continent.

The median age in Africa is 19 years, making it by far the world’s youngest continent. At least 10 million young Africans enter the labor market each year. “Meaningful employment for African youth is foundational to improving financial health and driving a strong economy,” said Village Capital’s Audrey Mate. “There’s a great need to strengthen models that bridge the skills gap, enhance employability, and prepare job candidates for the shifting job landscape.”

Many of the startups in the program are online job and gig platforms.

Fifteen companies are participating in the accelerator’s core program. In South Africa, which has the highest unemployment rate in the world, Project CodeX offers programming training to under-resourced youth. Eloh App connects gig workers such as cleaners and beauticians to customers.

Five startups are based in Kenya, including Onesha Technologies, which connects small businesses to skilled freelancers and creatives, and Kazi Remote, which helps young writers, translators and transcribers find clients.

Thirty of the startups are participating in a self-guided and virtual-only program, including Ghana-based Prodigee provides skills training and online job-matching. OnLocum in Kenya connects healthcare workers with hospital shifts. Lagos-based Life Beyond Class offers online masterclasses focused on career development and soft skills.