Agrifood Tech | August 16, 2017

Uncharted selects 10 startups to combat Denver food deserts

The team at


Uncharted, formerly the Unreasonable Institute, is wasting no time putting into practice its new problem-focused accelerator strategy.

First stop: Food deserts in Denver. One in six households in the Colorado city struggle to access fresh food, according to the firm’s website.

Uncharted, which formally split from the Unreasonable Group last month, has teamed up with the City of Denver to make affordable, healthy food options more available across the city and county.

The solution: Uncharted Food Access, an accelerator program for entrepreneurs working to bring more healthy food choices to residents. “The community has been asking us, as a city, to be more involved,” says Blake Angelo from Denver’s Office of Economic Development.

The program has selected 10 for-profit and nonprofit startups for the first cohort. They include Re-Vision, a community leadership development organization focused on local food systems; Copia, a platform for minimizing food waste; and GrowHaus, one of the program’s first recruits, which runs an indoor farm and educational center.