Beats | May 6, 2017

Ten percent of what? And other questions in this week’s Brief Quiz (№ 13)

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This week a bill came back, and so did Hillary. Neither may stay. But today is Friday, so take the Brief Quiz numero trece!

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1. Who invested in BitCoin for the unbanked in Latin America?

a. Capet Entrepreneurs
b. Von Habsburg Von Wagnis
c. Medici Ventures
d. Paul Tudor Jones

2. What won’t wait for 2140?

a. I don’t know — tell me when you get there
b. Your dinner date
c. Healthcare reform
d. Climate change — and that’s no surprise

3. What helps Abraaj’s CEO Arif Naqvi explain his mindset to investors?

a. The Wagyu Ribeye at the Rib Room in Dubai
b. A killer slideshow
c. The Sustainable Development Goals
d. Two and twenty

4. Who’s doing well on equal pay (for women)?

a. Starbucks
b. The White House
c. No one, really
d. Finland

5. Impact investment and philanthropy are no substitute for what?

a. Sugar
b. Public funding for affordable housing
c. Financial performance
d. A good personality

6. What’s coming back to the impact investing conversation?

a. The houseboat vs. brunch metaphor
b. Microfinance. It never went away, it just went mainstream
c. Your cousin, who still doesn’t get it
d. That sinking feeling that engulfs us when things take a turn for the…but I digress

7. What does PGGM now co-own?

a. Publishing rights to Prince’s much vaunted back catalogue
b. A portfolio of prime LEED-platinum office properties in Zeist
c. 38,000 home solar systems in the U.S.
d. What does PGGM not co-own?

8. What’s the takeaway from a GIIN study on the performance of real assets impact funds?

a. It’s unreal!
b. They can deliver market rate returns, but most don’t. Pick your manager!
c. One underperforming fund is raining on everyone’s parade.
d. Predictable. They’re benchmark huggers!

9. Just 10 percent of what goes to emerging markets?

a. Swiss Chocolate exports
b. Canadian tourism
c. Global remittance money
d. Private capital investment into startups

Aren’t you glad you survived that one? See you next week, rain or shine. Let it shine!

Oh, and those answers: 1c, 2d, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6b, 7bc, 8b, 9d