2030 Finance | October 30, 2017

Solugen raises $4.4 million for green cleaning products

The team at


Solugen launched last year to develop a plant-based alternative to hydrogen peroxide, a petroleum-based cleaning agent used in everything from toothpaste to household cleaners.

“Hydrogen peroxide is recognized worldwide as a safe and effective cleaning ingredient, but is incredibly dangerous and energy-intensive to create and transport,” says Solugen’s Gaurab Chakrabarti. Solugen’s “bioperoxide” formula is based on plant-based starch and specialized enzymes.

The startup, which has been selling its product to other commercial ventures, will use the seed funding to launch Ode to Clean as a consumer brand. Its first product will be a pack of household cleaning wipes.

Seed investors include football giant Joe Montana’s venture capital firm Liquid 2 Ventures, Y Combinator, Refactor Capital, MIT, and Social Capital Partnerships.