500-startups | February 16, 2017

Singapore health startup mClinica raises $6.3 million to link pharmacies

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Singapore health startup mClinica has raised $6.3 million to link pharmacies and global health data.

Unitus Impact led the financing to help mClinica connect pharmacies in Southeast Asia and provide global health data to policymakers.

Unitus’ Beau Seil said mClinica creates a “win-win scenario” for companies and public agencies delivering medicine and information to the hundreds of millions of people in mClinica’s target markets.

For example, in Indonesia, mClinica’s data showed five percent of patients were prescribed drug combinations that could cause renal failure and liver conditions.

Other investors include the Global Innovation Fund in London, MDI Ventures of Indonesia and Endeavor Catalyst in the U.S. Existing investors 500 Startups, IMJ Investment Partners and Kickstart Ventures also joined the round.

Photo credit: mClinica