Beats | April 28, 2017

Reason but no rhyme: Takeaways from the Impact Capitalism Summit in free verse

The team at


Sixty percent of investors made their first impact investment in the past decade — sixty!
There’s more demand, more inquiries, and
two significant drivers of market growth:
segmentation and commoditization.

Impact is in the eye of the beholder, but
we must rally around shared objectives like the SDGs, but
impact is diverse and defined by asset owners, but
the SDGs will provide unifying framework, but
for a lot of clients, they want their impact to be local.

We need to move on from deals and build real market infrastructure.
We need to build a pipeline and mobilize capital.
We need $2.7 trillion dollars per year to meet SDGs
We are nowhere near.

You will not move from billions to trillions by
Sacrificing returns or asking investors to take on higher risk.
Concessionary capital plays a critical role, and
we need leadership from investors willing to take risks to build the market for others.

An aside: I like guarantees
I think they’re really cool
I guarantee more people will do guarantees

You’ve got to build the building blocks for the long term.
It’s an eight to 10-year game.
Scalability takes time.
The CEO and the team are the most important assets.

The core service of wealth management is asset allocation.
That’s top down thinking.
There are limits to scale in private assets.
The SDGs pave the way to bring public markets into impact investing

I want impact investing to be the third act of my career
We’ve been at it for 10/15/22 years!
Deep inside I’ve always been about impact
It’s in our DNA!
It’s an iterative process.

We need definitions / we don’t need definitions
We need clarity
Progress in impact measurement will be a game changer
Investors’ liquidity needs are the real long term issue.

Paris only goes halfway. But it’s still half the way.
Oceans can’t absorb any more carbon
We need both supply and demand.
Impact will become the new normal
It will take time. We don’t have time
It’s time to go home.

Chicago, 26 April 2017