Good Jobs | July 11, 2017

Keep an eye on the high-level political forum on the global goals

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Get ready for a high-level political forum on the global goals. It’s all Sustainable Development Goals, all the time at the United Nations in New York this week.

The “High-Level Political Forum,” July 10 to July 19, will track and review member states’ progress towards the 2030 global goals, two years after they were adopted.

Under the broad theme of “eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world,” the forum will monitor seven of the 17 goals in 44 countries that have volunteered to report their progress.

The countries subjecting themselves to scrutiny range from Denmark, one of the most SDG-aligned nations in the world, to Nepal, which is struggling to apply the 2030 agenda in-country because of lack of resources, weak local governments and poor coordination between government officials, donors, and U.N. agencies.

The goals to be reviewed this year include №1, Ending Poverty; №2, №3, Ensuring health and promoting well-being; №5, Gender equality; №9: Building resilient infrastructure; №14, Ocean conservation; and №17: Global partnerships.

The broad-based reviews are intended to spotlight countries’ integration of the 2030 Agenda into national and local policy and share challenges and success stories. ImpactAlpha will be digging into these reviews for key takeaways and investment opportunities.

Rich and poor countries alike are falling short of meeting the global goals, and face starkly different challenges (see, “Turn toward ‘My Country First’ is blocking path to 2030 global goals”).

There are plenty of side events at the 10-day Forum; here’s an official schedule.