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ImpactSpace Fellowship Program

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The ImpactSpace Fellowship is celebrating its second year! Applications for next year’s cohorts are now open.

The fellowship, which lasts three to six months, is designed to help fellows explore the latest developments and trends in impact investing, with an eye to study or research specific topics. Material produced may also be published on our website.

We offer support to fellows to develop projects aligned with their professional goals. With a  flexible time commitment, they can also work during their fellowship. Our fellows have an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit that is evident in their work.

We are proud to introduce you to our alums, Kona Shen and Nikhil Gehani.

Meet Kona Shen, inaugural ImpactSpace Fellow, Spring 2015.

Kona Shen is the founder of GOALS Haiti, a non-profit organization that uses soccer to engage youth in education, service and health programs that improve their quality of life. She is currently earning a master’s degree in international policy at Stanford University with a concentration on international political economy. Her work is focused on poverty reduction through social innovation, economic development and entrepreneurship. 

Kona Shen, ImpactSpace Fellow, 2015

Kona Shen, ImpactSpace Fellow, Spring 2015

As part of her ImpactSpace Fellowship, Kona wrote a series of blog posts that capture the evolving impact investment landscape. From social bonds and equity crowdfunding to deciphering the alphabet soup of the social enterprise world, Kona gives us her take on these trending topics. For more of Kona’s work,  follow on twitter @hongkonghaiti

  • Want to Invest in a Startup? Equity Crowdfunding 101 The SEC now allows non-accredited investors to participate in equity crowdfunding, a new way for startups to raise funds online. What you need to know about the risks, rewards and changing landscape of become a startup investor.
  • Saving the World, One Ugly Carrot at a Time 26% of American produce is thrown away due to “cosmetic imperfections,” resulting in 6 billion pounds of needless waste annually. The article explores different solutions to widespread food waste and highlights a new Bay Area startup called Imperfect that is tackling the problem.

Meet Nikhil Gehani, inaugural ImpactSpace Fellow, Spring 2015. Nikhil Headshot 2015

Nikhil Gehani is currently the Marketing and Communications Manager at MIX, a nonprofit data analytics organization that promotes financial inclusion through data and insight. Before joining MIX, Nikhil worked in the impact investing and social enterprise fields while earning his MA in International Development from the George Washington University. He has over seven years of experience as a marketing and brand strategist across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Nikhil also holds a BA in Marketing from Michigan State University.

As an ImpactSpace fellow,  Nikhil  followed the investment behavior of millennials and covered ImpactAlpha’s The Real Deal, a series of webinars presenting practical approaches for financing early-stage ventures that work for investors and entrepreneurs.

Still thinking about it? Consider this:

  • Become a participating member of the impact investment industry.
  • It’s low risk – you do not have to take a jump and quit your job. Gain initial traction through research and network.
  • Access to ImpactSpace’s media outlet—ImpactAlpha.

To learn more about the program, please visit the ImpactSpace Fellowship program page.

About ImpactSpace:

ImpactSpace is the open data platform powering the global impact marketplace. Together with our sister site, ImpactAlpha, we are providing stories and data to investors, entrepreneurs and other market participants driving business advantage with social and environmental impact. ImpactSpace makes information about the impact market readily available to everyone and maintainable by anyone. ImpactSpace helps you connect with companies, investors, deals, and people generating financial returns through the creation of environmental and social value.