Climate and Gender | March 10, 2017

Follow the Women: Introducing ImpactAlpha’s Women Rising


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Every day is International Women’s Day in impact investing. Solutions in every domain, from climate to food to education to broad economic inclusion, depend on women’s leadership and equal participation.

The remarkable progress of women over the last century sets up a truly huge opportunity in this century to drive progress for all. Women’s leadership and full participation could dramatically boost the global economy, inclusive prosperity and human well-being.

ImpactAlpha has been tracking Women Rising since launch. Some markers:

  • $28 trillion: the boost to global GDP if women participated equally in the global economy.
  • Three-quarters: The worldwide share of discretionary spending expected to be controlled by women by 2028
  • Two-thirds: The share of total U.S. wealth expected to be controlled by women in 2028.
  • $560 Million: the total invested with a gender lens in public equities and debt.

That last number is pitifully low, reflecting the structural lag as financial markets and investment vehicles catch up to the new narrative of women’s empowerment. But that lag also gives a headstart to investors and entrepreneurs able to apply a gender lens. If you’re betting on the future, bet on women.

As you may have noticed in recent weeks, ImpactAlpha is doubling down in our coverage of what works. Because the specific impact of women remains underappreciated and undervalued, we are doubling down on dedicated coverage of women as well. Watch Women Rising for major packages and special events. Just as we “follow the money” we’ll be following the women.

Photo credit: EPA