Dealflow | October 26, 2018

Aqua-Spark backs CageEye to improve fish farm management

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, October 26 – Oslo-based CageEye makes sensors that monitor salmon farms by tracking fish movements. The information allows fish farmers to improve decision-making and automate tasks like feeding, which improves efficiency and reduces costs. (Feed is the biggest input cost for aquaculture operations.)

Sustainable seafood venture fund Aqua-Spark has invested an undisclosed amount in the company, providing capital for additional research and development.

CageEye is Aqua-Spark’s 16th investment. The Dutch impact investor has €49.2 million ($56.2 million) under management, and aims to grow 30-fold to €1.5 billion by 2025.