Dealflow | May 2, 2022

$55 million rains down on Brimstone to decarbonize cement

Amy Cortese
ImpactAlpha Editor

Amy Cortese

ImpactAlpha, May 2 – At least 8% of global emissions are generated by concrete, a key building block in everything from buildings to bridges.

Oakland, Calif.-based Brimstone Energy was founded by two Caltech scientists to decarbonize Portland cement, a key ingredient in concrete. The company uses calcium silicate to make its cement, instead of limestone, which releases carbon when heated.

A byproduct of the process, magnesium, absorbs carbon from the air, which Brimstone says makes it cement carbon negative.

The Series A round was co-led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and DCVC. Fifth Wall, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund also backed the round.  Brimstone will use the funds to build a pilot plant in Nevada.

Building blocks

A number of startups are working on ways to green cement via more efficient processes and sequestering carbon.

Alberta-based Carbon Upcycling Technologies recently raised $6 million to produce carbon-enhanced additives for the concrete industry. CarbonCure Technologies and CarbonBuilt were awarded $7.5 million each last year for a carbon reuse XPRIZE.