Gender Smart | June 13, 2018

Women-run logistics startup Hey Deedee closes pre-seed funding

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, June 13 – Hey Deedee, a Mumbai-based package delivery company, was started by Revathi Roy and Jagdish Doshi to get more women into an industry dominated by men.

Hey Deedee hires women to drive vehicles that take packages and food from warehouses to delivery hubs and homes. It employs more 100 drivers across Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur and Pune, who deliver goods for e-commerce companies including Amazon and food and restaurant chains such as Subway.

  • Investing in and for women… California-based Metaform Ventures invested $500,000 of pre-seed capital into Hey Deedee.
  • Delivering the goods… The startup has made more than 250,000 deliveries. It also has 2,000 women enrolled in short training programs.

“HeyDeedee continues to break down walls and defy stereotypes, creating a sector for women-empowered logistics, not just logistics but heavy logistics,” said Metaform Ventures’ Nilesh Javerchand Jain.