calvert-foundation | March 30, 2017

Women are the new face of investing and wealth

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Women Rising

Women are the new face of investing and wealth. That’s the theme of this month’s Green Money Journal from Cliff Feigenbaum. Jennifer Pryce, CEO of the Calvert Foundation, reflects on how she built an impact investing career.

Kathleen McQuiggan of Ellevate Management asks, Why would financial firms not invest in women?

Rebecca Adamson, founder of First Peoples Worldwide, explains how the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline put social responsibility on every ESG investor’s radar.

Patricia Farrar-Rivas, Alison Pyott and Luisamaria Ruiz Carlile of Veris Wealth Partners show how a gender lens helps uncover overlooked opportunities and hidden risks in investment portfolios.

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Photo credit: Green Money Journal