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Which of the 17 U.N. global goals do impact investors prefer?

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Impact investors are increasingly adopting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to impact and opportunity. Yet little is known about which of the goals are getting the most attention.

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A new report from InvestorFlow, the fast-growing impact investor network, sheds some light on the question. The report, “Who, What, Where, and How: The First 205 Investors,” provides a snapshot of InvestorFlow members (which now number 212) and includes an analysis of their preferences among the U.N. goals.

The most popular SDGs: №1 (No poverty), №3 (Good health), №6 (Clean water) and №7 (Affordable and clean energy). The least targeted SDGs? №14 (Life in water), №15 (Life on Land), №16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions) and №17 (Partnerships for the goals).

202 investors vs. 55 GIIN (2017 investors) l Graphic: credit: Investorflow, The First 205 Investors

The investor network, co-founded by Matt Eldridge and Luni Libes in January, counts among its members fund managers including Global Partnerships and Adobe Capital; networks like Toniic and Gratitude Railroad; individuals and family offices such as Annie Chen’s RS Group; and foundations, including the world’s largest, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The InvestorFlow report notes that its SDG preference findings are similar to those in the GIIN’s recent survey of 55 investors (though the questions asked were slightly different). A separate report from Dutch pension funds, APG and PGGM, left “peace” off the list of investable SDGs.

Looking for opportunities in those hard-to-reach SDGs? Check out ImpactAlpha’s ongoing coverage of activity in oceans, forests and peace:

Yes, peace, justice and strong civic institutions are investable opportunities