Agrifood Tech | May 27, 2017

Which investors will get in on the explosion in sustainable food and agriculture?

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The more than $300 billion in annual investments needed to implement the 2030 global goals related to food will unlock more than $2.3 trillion in business opportunities each year.

And sustainable food system investment opportunities are everywhere. In real estate investments in organic farmland and sustainable managed forests. In public and private equity in agtech and healthy food companies. And even in cash deposits in community banks that turn into debt for small farmers and grocery cooperatives.

Financing Resilient Value Chains through Total Portfolio Activation from the Croatan Institute and a host of agriculture investors and networks compiles old and new research and case studies to show investors how to invest in sustainable food systems across common asset classes.

The report dives deep into sustainable production and consumption, agtech, conservation and climate change, social equity and sustainable livelihoods.

There’s still time to get in. The recent Global Impact Investing Network survey shows just six percent of impact assets are allocated to the food and ag sector.