2030 Finance | June 6, 2017

Where are the private investors at the UN Ocean Conference?

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The running list of 645 “commitments” in advance of the UN Ocean Conference to clean up the seas, restore fisheries and slow coral bleaching now totals nearly $7 billion from governments. But where is the private sector?

Less than 50 pledges come from companies and private investors, and most of them are small-scale and aspirational.

It’s not for lack of opportunities. ImpactAlpha has been tracking sustainable seafood entrepreneurs and impact investments in ocean restoration (aka #FinancingFish) for several years. In addition, the Fish 2.0 competition, now underway, is stocking the pipeline for sustainable seafood investments, and our friends at News Deeply have just launched Oceans Deeply to round up the latest developments.

Among the opportunities ImpactAlpha is tracking: sustainable aquaculture (and sustainable fish feed), coastal fishery restoration, traceability tech to weed out illegal fishing and debt-for-nature swaps that help island states increase their climate resilience. Dig in!