Beats | June 17, 2017

The trouble with the 2030 global goals

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The Sustainable Development Goals SDGs are being used as a global framework for investment, philanthropy and development budgets. What could possibly be wrong with that?

I am all in favor of collective action and cooperation, and I understand the complexities of making global leaders agree. But the Sustainable Development Goals largely ignore the causes of our most pressing challenges in favor of addressing only the symptoms.

We see the impact objective of “ending extreme poverty” but we have yet to see impact objectives that include “ending extreme wealth.”

We see “zero hunger” but never hear “end market speculation and manipulation.”

We see “reduce unemployment” but never hear of “end consolidation.”

From doing less harm to regeneration.
From fixing the way we give back to ending the way we extract.
Money doesn’t need returns, we need financial safety and transcendence.
Let’s not obsess about outputs when we can have outcomes.
Never forget that short-term thinking can sacrifice long-term goals (see photo).

Let’s stop focusing on sustainability and start focusing on prosperity and thriving.

You don’t need to be rich, you need to be happy.

The promised land is happiness not pleasure.

Happiness comes from plenitude and plenitude from love.

Love comes with serving.

And love is never mediocre middle ground but full surrender.

We aren’t here to make the world “better” we are here to make the world the best imaginable place for all.

Laura Ortiz Montemayor is co-founder of SVX Mexico.