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Bono said what? The Brief Quiz No. 10

This week, an aircraft carrier dramatically changed course and a man was dragged out of a plane. We’re focused on improving our Impact IQ. Are you? Take the Brief Quiz No. 10.

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1. ImpactAlpha launched a new feature profiling folks that matter in impact investing. What’s it called?

a. Super Saviors.
b. The I-Factor.
c. Agents of impact.
d. Impact’s Got Talent.

2. The World Bank passed a milestone. Which was it?

a. Its 100th anniversary. It was founded in 1917 in response to the Russian revolution.
b. Longest standing triple-A rated international financing institution.
c. Fewest employees to ever attend an inauguration. There is photographic evidence.
d. $10 billion in green bond issues.

3. What’s Acumen’s new approach in India?

a. Ambulances everywhere.
b. Raise money from local investors.
c. Pull out. The deals are overhyped and the pipeline is drying up.
d. Re-introduce 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes now that fake ones are out of circulation.

4. What’s Australia pouring money into?

a. Concrete.
b. Coal mines.
c. Institutional impact funds.
d. Protecting the Great Barrier Reef with $200 million a year to attract private capital.

5. What did Bono say at the Skoll World Forum?

a. What’s up OxfoooOOORD??!!
b. Leo is joining Elevation Partners.
c. Impact investing is an excuse for good people to do bad deals.
d. He didn’t say anything. He sang.

6. Incofin raised an additional $27 million for smallholder-farmer finance. From whom?

a. The dead (get it? Incofin? raise? The dead?).
b. A new crop of European investors.
c. An unknown Finnish woman who just won the lottery.
d. The European Investment Bank.

7. Indian startup Twenty-Two Motors raised money for a prototype. Of what?

a. An affordable electric “smart” scooter.
b. A hybrid car engine that never exceeds 22 km/h, for safety reasons.
c. Twenty-two different motors, each slightly different.
d. ImpactAlpha’s dazzling future web site.

8. What do some predict will be the world’s largest internet business 2030?

a. Citizen surveillance.
b. Edtech.
c. A gambling and adult content conglomerate.
d. GooBook, the result of a megamerger.

9. What’s Africa’s renewable energy supply poised to do by 2030?

a. Underwhelm.
b. Export to Europe.
c. Surpass demand.
d. Become the main source of revenue for Exxon’s CleanTech subsidiary.

We hope you did better than us. Until next time, choose your airline wisely.

Get ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter, The Brief.

Answers: 1c,2d,3b,4d,5c,6b,7a,8b, 9c.

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