Beats | May 13, 2017

What change is afoot in the world of healthcare? Take the Brief Quiz (№14)

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This week a man was fired. That’s no way to create jobs! Forget it, Jack, and take the Brief Quiz Nummer Vierzehn.

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1. What’s about to list on the London Stock Exchange?

a. the UK — to recapitalize in anticipation of Brexit
b. a vehicle for investment in clean LNG pipeline infrastructure
c. a vehicle for impact investments in emerging markets
d. a vehicle is improperly parked and blocking Wembley Access to the Spurs bus. May its owner please etc. etc. etc.

2. Queensland launched a social impact bond. Why?

a. to catch up with South Australia?
b. there’s an election coming up?
c. to help reconnect foster care children with their families
d. to address the nihilistic tendencies of capital markets?

3. KKR invested $31 million in what?

a. affordable housing in India
b. a new coffee machine for its 57th street NYC office
c. bolstering its ESG team
d. in something that guarantees 35% IRR, we promise

4. Who’s electrifying Myanmar? And why?

a. Yoma Micro Power and NorFund, to bring power to rural areas
b. The government, to make true on a campaign promise
c. Rihanna, to complete her Asia Tour
d. Total, to get more down stream opportunities for their LNG buck

5. How to close the job creation gap to meet SDG №8 (Employment for all)?

a. Get rid of fake unemployment data. Everything is going great!
b. Outlaw robots
c. Cut corporate taxes
d. Invest in meeting all the other SDGs

6. What’s wrong with Repsol’s green bond?

a. Nothing
b. It failed to raise money
c. Repsol is an oil company
d. Repsol is an oil company, and that makes people cry, and it’s the crying I’m concerned about

7. What may be harder than seed funding in Latin America?

a. Seed funding in North America
b. Growth funding in Latin America
c. Figuring out the meaning of life, and not much else
d. Steel. That’s always hard.

8. What’s the topic of ImpactAlpha’s latest ROI podcast?

a. Mourning Prince, one year onward
b. Why did Bono feel compelled to diss impact investors?
c. Why are impact investors so sensitive?
d. What happens if the ECB raises rates in September?

9. What change is afoot in the world of healthcare?

a. You mean besides the fact no one can afford it?
b. No seriously, you want to see the last bill we received? $500 bucks for bloody X-Rays? And we actually HAVE insurance coverage?
c. Americans are now supporting Single Payer
d. We have reached the peak of bringing patients to healing centers. We are on the brink of bringing the healing to patients.

Well…good luck with finding those patients. See you next week, and look after yourselves!

Answers: 1c, 2c, 3a, 4a, 5d, 6c, 7b, 8b (some might say c), 9d