2030 Finance | January 4, 2018

Vionx Energy raises $5 million for battery-storage technology

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Improving storage capacity and reducing battery costs are key to expanding renewable-energy sources like solar and wind.

Woburn, Mass.-based Vionx produces utility-scale “flow batteries,” an alternative to the lithium-ion batteries that are now standard.

Flow-battery technology is considered well suited to the utility industry because of its longer lifespan and capacity, but it still needs to become cost-competitive with lithium ion, UtilityDIVE reports.

In October, Vionx installed a three-megawatt/hour system at Holy Name high school in Worcester, Mass., which is pairing the system with wind turbines to become grid-independent.

Vionx’s latest round of debt and equity (paywall) funding brings its fundraising total to $85 million.