The Reconstruction | April 21, 2022

VC Include backs 10 climate funds led by diverse managers

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Apr. 21 – Black and Brown communities disproportionately impacted by climate change are an important source of talent, ideas and solutions. Unlocking those resources requires a more diverse group of climate fund managers able to spot the opportunity.

“If other people are not looking at that opportunity, I know somebody who will,” Taj Eldridge of Include Ventures, the fund-of-funds arm of VC Include, said on an Agents of Impact Call last year.

Through VC Include’s Climate Justice Initiative, Eldridge and Bahiyah Robinson are putting $100,000 operational grants into 10 emerging climate managers in the U.S. and Europe. Each manager is raising between $10 to $150 million for a climate-related fund.

Solving for climate justice is giving these Black investors an edge in the green economy

At least half of the general partners at each fund in the portfolio identify as immigrants or members of a minority group. Among the recipients are L.A. and Chicago-based Supply Change Capital, L.A.-based 22 Fund, Hometeam Ventures in San Francisco and Miami, Frankfort-based Melanin Kapital and SDS VC in London.

The initiative “will create a paradigm shift in the industry and provide non-dilutive capital to funds that are uniquely positioned to invest in climate solutions companies,” said Marilyn Waite of Hewlett Foundation, which provided the funding.