Dealflow | May 21, 2018

Town Hall Ventures seeks a “massive and necessary shift” in health care for low-income Americans

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, May 21 – Andy Slavitt, who headed the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services under President Obama, will lead a new health care fund, along with two partners from Oxeon Ventures, Trevor Price and David Whelan.

The new fund will focus on companies that improve Medicare and Medicaid services, risk-based care and social determinants of health. Slavitt said that under the nation’s current health system, “lower-income communities go underserved, leading to vastly poorer health outcomes.” The fund’s focus areas affect 120 million Americans and $1.2 trillion in health spending.

  • Early investments… include Cityblock Health, an urban primary healthcare provider; Somatus Inc., a kidney-patient care provider; Welbe Health, for seniors enrolled in the PACE community care program; and biopharma company Aetion.

Town Hall Ventures’ launch follows the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, as well as to social health programs of Medicaid and Medicare, as part of a $15 billion package of cuts.