Entrepreneurship | July 26, 2017

The Unreasonable Institute’s path into Uncharted territory

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Entrepreneur-first, or problem-first? The nonprofit Unreasonable Institute, which has long supported “unreasonable” entrepreneurs, will now go directly after social challenges such as food deserts and the future of cities.

Rebranded as Uncharted, the organization will bring in “armies of people who are uniquely positioned to put a dent” in such problems. Co-founder Teju Ravilochan will remain CEO. Since 2012, Unreasonable Institute has worked with nearly 600 firms in 95 countries, more than half with women founders or co-founders. The Unreasonable Institute, er, Uncharted, says those firms have reached more than 25 million people and generated more than $200 million in revenue.

The new branding will distinguish Uncharted from the Unreasonable Group, a for-profit Colorado B-Corp led by Daniel Epstein, which split off from the Institute in 2012 and will remain “Unreasonable for life,” according to Epstein. Unreasonable Group works with later-stage entrepreneurs and recently selected a cohort for Unreasonable Goals in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The two groups landed “on unique strategies for the future,” Epstein wrote in a post on Unreasonable.is.

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