The Reconstruction | January 5, 2022

The Plug’s Sherrell Dorsey centers communities of color in the future of work

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Jan. 5 –  Growing up in Seattle, journalist Sherrell Dorsey was surrounded by engineers and technologies of all colors and creeds. In professional tech settings and in media, Dorsey found depictions of innovators to be very limited.

“I had geniuses from all backgrounds around me all of the time,” Dorsey told ImpactAlpha on a podcast in October. “But those stories were not being told.”

With her Black tech publication The Plug and in a new book, Upper Hand: The Future of Work for the Rest of Us, Dorsey is rewriting the narrative.

  • Untold stories. In Upper Hand, due out Thursday, Dorsey “reminds us of the many ways that Black and Brown folk have always pushed the cutting edge of technological innovation,” NYU’s Charlton Mcilwain writes in an endorsement. Dorsey and The Plug co-hosted ImpactAlpha’s “Black tech, green solutions” call last fall.
  • Seat at the table. Backstage Capital’s Arlan Hamilton, an investor in The Plug, says Dorsey “has done the work to ensure Black and Brown voices are visible when we think about the future of business.” Upper Hand “centers communities of color in the future of work.”