2030 Finance | September 27, 2017

The Lab introduces six climate-finance initiatives

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The Lab is a three-year-old incubator that has mobilized more than $800 million for low-carbon and green initiatives.

Among its new investment streams: Cloud Forest Blue Energy Mechanism aims to support 60 million hectares of forest conservation and restoration in Latin America in partnership with hydropower producers; Climate Smart Cattle Ranching, whose goal is to encourage Brazilian ranchers to adopt sustainable practices; and CRAFT, a private equity fund for climate adaptation technologies.

The full list is available here.

Blackrock, DeutscheBank and several other investors and policy makers are backing the initiatives. The Lab itself is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Packard Foundation, U.S. Department of State, Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs and other government and philanthropic organizations.

In June, it launched Climate Investor One, which raised $412 million.