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The Brief Quiz (No.8): Test your Impact IQ

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This week in international news, a woman ominously stood on the edge of a cliff in London and a man mysteriously jumped out of a taxi in Washington, DC.  Strange days. Here’s the Brief Quiz No. 8.

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1.Why did Exxon write to the White House?

a. To get their CEO back.
b. To beg for a bailout.
c. To ask President Trump to repeal and replace the Paris climate agreement.
d. To say the USA should remain in the Paris climate agreement.

2. NordRhein-Westfalen, the cradle of Germany’s industrial revolution, is turning a coal mine into what?

a. A haven for ravers – techno’s not dead!
b. A monument to Angela Merkel and women in leadership.
c. A 200-megawatt hydro-electric battery.
d. A safe house for embattled Volkswagen executives.

3. According to a Stanford 100-year study, in the long-term, Artificial Intelligence could:

a. Become a net job creator.
b. Do away with the concept of work.
c. Do away with humanity altogether.
d. Solve conflicts in the Middle East.

4. Lloyd’s Bank has a Green Energy Initiative. What does it do?

a. Who cares? Green energy initiatives are so 2009.
b. Lower the cost of capital for landlords making energy-efficiency upgrades.
c. Requires the bank to open their offices at dawn and close at dusk.
d. I care! (but I don’t know the answer).

5. What’s the argument for investing in water efficiency?

a. There are now credible and scalable technologies on the market.
b. Rising global demand for water and the decline in reliable supplies means higher prices.
c. Herd mentality. Others are doing it and that’s good enough reason for most investors.
d. Shhh. It’s our little secret.

6. Why do the most recent forecasts expect world population to peak at 11 billion, down from earlier predictions of 12.5 billion?

a. Better birth control and a more flexible Pope.
b. Leo’s not getting any younger.
c. Faster than expected rise in living standards.
d. The effects of climate change, conflict or food shortages.

7. What’s the state of global sustainable investment assets?

a. Disrepair.
b. Up 25 percent over two years, to $23 trillion.
c. Almost flat due to political uncertainty.
d. [insert the usual research methodology dispute].

8. The IFC issued a Social Bond! What does it do?

a. Promotes attachment, commitment, involvement in normal social activities, and a common value system (in theory).
b. Raised $500 million for women-led companies and low income communities.
c. Raised $1 billion to support neglected social services in developed countries.
d. Raised the bar for everyone else.

9. Which country is working on a plan to get to 100 percent electrical vehicles by 2030?

a. California…which must first achieve independence.
b. Togo…with two cars per 10,000 inhabitants (as of 2007), there’s a leapfrogging opportunity.
c. Poland…as part of a geopolitical energy independence strategy.
d. India…but with only 1.3 electric or hybrid vehicles sold per 1000, the road will be steep (ahem).

On this cheap pun, that’s it. I’d ask more questions, but you look tired. Beautiful, but tired. See you next week.

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Answers: 1d, 2c, 3a, 4b, 5b, 6d, 7b, 8b, 9d (for once)