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The Brief Quiz (No.7): How High is Your Impact IQ?

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As my cousin says: there’s so much to remember, and so much to forget. How much did you forget this week? Find out with The Brief Quiz No. 7

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1. Which country is slaying it in Forbes Top 30 Most Promising Entrepreneurs in Africa rankings?

a. The Seychelles, with the continent’s highest nominal GDP per capita.
b. Nigeria, with the continent’s highest nominal GDP.
c. Tanzania, why should any of it be correlated.
d. I hate rankings, I always come in second.

2. What is about to accelerate tech investments in Myanmar?

a. One of those high-speed underwater cables connecting Myanmar directly to Chennai in India
b. MyanTech, a $50 million VC fund launched by Hong Kong billionaires
c. Love,  which sparks beautiful things, like technology. I think that’s a song.
d. Phandeeyar, the country’s first tech accelerator, which just held its demo day.

3. What did PME, a Dutch pension fund representing the metal and electrical engineering industry, commit to with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals?

a. Require all external investment managers to learn the 17 SDGs by heart.
b. Align 10 percent of investments with the SDGs.
c. Embed the SDGs in its Fiduciary Charter.
d. Nothing. The SDGs are for leftist ninnies, not for serious investors with giant portfolios.

4. Australia’s first Gender Equality Bond raised $384 million. Woohoo! Err, to do what?

a. To fight the patriarchy to its death.
b. To refinance loans made to businesses that boost female leadership and close the gender pay gap.
c. To provide financing solutions to women-owned small businesses in South Australia.
d. To close the gender pay gap by paying the salary difference to women, even if it’s just for a day.

5. The International Renewable Energy Agency thinks that the Paris Agreement could do what by 2050?

a. Collapse.
b. Rebrand as the Beijing Agreement as China takes leadership on global climate issues.
c. Create a carbon credits market larger than US equity markets.
d. Add $19 trillion to the world economy and create six million new jobs.

6. The Dutch are spending $1.5 million dollars on satellite data to:

a. Avoid traffic on their way home every night.
b. Do their bit to solve the global food crisis.
c. Find Leo!
d. Listen in on foreign leaders’ conversations.

7. A recent spate of investments by the International Finance Corp. supports what exactly?

a. Early-stage fund managers and accelerators, in recognition that without early-stage ventures, there’s no pipeline for growth-stage deals later on.
b. Decarbonization of its trade finance facility, whatever that means.
c. Dude E-DU-CATE yourself and read up on the Climate Smart Trade Initiative.
d. The lifestyle of international civil servants.

8. Did you listen to this week’s Returns on Investment podcast: “Can Impact Scale?”

a. Yes, and I loved it!
b. Yes, and I didn’t love it!
c. No, I wanted to but my phone ran out of batteries while I was on the treadmill.
d. No, I am ideologically opposed to podcasts. Radio shows should be consumed locally.

9. 70 percent of US wind farms are being installed in low income rural areas. What could that bring to landowners?

a. A $900 billion boost by 2030, through leases to wind developers.
b. A $700 billion opportunity loss because of decreased agricultural production.
c. More dead birds falling on their heads.
d. Respect from coastal elites.

That’s it for this week! I’m sure you’re relieved. See you next Friday!

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Answers: 1c, 2d, 3b, 4b, 5d, 6b, 7a, 8 whatever man, try it, 9a – possibly d

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